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RSA SecurID hardware tokens provide "hacker-resistant" two-factor authentication, resulting in easy-to-use and effective user identification. Based on RSA Security's patented Time Synchronization technology, this authentication device generates a simple one-time authentication code that changes every 60 seconds. To access protected resources, the user simply combines their secret PIN (something they know) with the code generated by their token (something they have). The result is a unique, one-time-use code that is used to positively identify, or authenticate, them. If the code is validated by the RSA ACE/Server, the user is granted access to the protected resource. If it is not recognized, the user is denied access. With RSA SecurID hardware tokens, no interaction with the user desktop is required - that is, you don't have to install any software. Equally important, you are not required to program tokens; they are ready to use out of the box. In addition, RSA SecurID hardware tokens are manufactured and sealed with an integral lifetime battery. No user maintenance or battery replacement is required. As a result, this authentication solution is easy to use, as well as easy to deploy and administer. RSA SecurID Key Fob (SD600) displays a unique code generated by the RSA SecurID or AES industry-standard hash algorithm in combination with the unique symmetric key contained in the token. Augmented by an internal clock, the algorithm generates a new code every 60 seconds for the programmed life of the fob. This hardware device is a standard-sized FOB that connects easily to any key ring and fits into a user's pocket or small carrying case.

Product DescriptionRSA SecurID Key Fob - system security kit
Product TypeSystem security kit