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Remotely watch and listen with the D-Link SecuriCam DCS-5300 Internet Camera. The DCS-5300 Internet Camera is a full-featured surveillance system that connects to an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet connection to provide high-quality video and audio over the Intranet or the Internet. The DCS-5300 Internet Camera differs from a conventional PC Camera because the DCS-5300 is a stand-alone device with a built-in CPU and Web server that allows you to access your camera using Internet Explorer 5.X or above from anywhere in the world. The D-Link DCS-5300 also has a pan and tilt function that can be controlled from the Web interface or from your remote control. Autopan mode enables the camera to move 270 degrees horizontally and the Patrol mode cycles through up to 24 preset positions. The speed of either pan or tilt can be adjusted to your preference. The D-Link DCS-5300 comes with a CCD sensor that provides a sharp and clear image with lifelike color representation. The sensor is a CCD sensor with resolution of 380 TV lines. The built-in microphone adds sound accompanies the video. All together, you can record streaming video that utilizes high quality MPEG-4 Short Header Mode Compression to your hard drive, enable motion detection, and set up automated email alert notification. A powerful surveillance software is included to enhance the monitoring and management of your DCS-5300. The bundled surveillance software further enhances the security features of the DCS-5300, allowing you to archive streaming video straight to your hard drive, playback video, monitor as many as 16 cameras on a single screen, and set up motion detection to trigger automatic recording. The D-Link DCS-5300 can be accessed and controlled remotely from any PC or notebook computer over the Internet from anywhere in the world. Simple installation procedures, along with the built-in Web-based interface provide a low-cost solution capable of meeting demanding security and home/office monitoring needs. Secure your site with D-Link SecuriCam.

Product DescriptionD-Link DCS 5300 - digital video camera
Device TypeDigital video camera
Dimensions (WxDxH)4 in x 4.1 in x 4.4 in
Weight0.7 lbs
Color SupportColor
Audio Input SupportIncluded
Interface TypeEthernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX
Optical Sensor TypeCCD
Digital Video Capture Speed30 frames per second
Digital Video Capture Resolution320 x 240, 160 x 120
Still Image FormatJPEG
FeaturesWhite balance, auto-pan mode
Cables Included1 x network cable - external Ý 1 x A/V cable - external
System RequirementsMicrosoft Windows 98 Second Edition / Windows ME, Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP
Manufacturer Warranty1 year warranty