Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server CAL - Device
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Open Business allows customers to save on estimated retail prices by placing an initial order for five or more licenses. With Open Business, customers can combine any set of Microsoft® products to qualify for the five license minimum. The Terminal Server component of Windows Server 2003 builds on the solid foundation provided by the application server mode in Windows 2000 Terminal Services. Terminal Server lets you deliver Windows-based applications, or the Windows desktop itself, to virtually any computing device—including those that cannot run Windows. Terminal Server can enhance an enterprise's software deployment capabilities for a variety of scenarios that remain difficult to solve using traditional application distribution technologies. When users run an application on Terminal Server, the application execution takes place on the server, and only keyboard, mouse and display information is transmitted over the network. Users see only their own individual sessions, which are managed transparently by the server operating system, and remain independent of any other client session.