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If your corporate mantra is less, less, less – less servers, less downtime and less cost – AppSense Performance Suite will have you chanting peacefully. Instead of throwing expensive hardware at your performance problems, let AppSense Performance Suite software resolve them far more effectively. The AppSense Performance Suite includes four components: AppSense Application Manager, AppSense Performance Manager, AppSense Optimizer and AppSense Server-based Toolkit.
Application Manager Performance Manager Optimizer Toolkit
A secure and flexible application control solution, AppSense Application Manager prevents unauthorized applications and script content from running
on a system. It provides proactive protection against executables such as screensavers, instant messengers, games, Windows Installer packages and system registry files.


Resolve your system bottlenecks fast by "throttling" individual application thread that place excessive demands on processor resources. AppSense Performance Manager also controls application and user memory usage and smoothes processor load so that all applications remain responsive during busy periods. AppSense Optimizer reduces memory overheads by optimizing application components, such as DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries), resulting in reduced disk paging, improved performance and increased system capacity. AppSense Server-based Toolkit is a collection of performance, security and functionality enhancement tools for both administrators and users in a server-based environment.

More Performance, Less Servers.
Traditionally, organizations have tried to solve performance challenges with hardware... a strategy that is both expensive and time-consuming. Especially when the issue is a single user or application that  dominates the processor resource, which in turn can bring a whole system to a grinding halt.

This risk of server performance degradation is the first challenge the AppSense Performance Suite overcomes. By controlling each process at the most fundamental level (the thread) it completely eliminates misuse of processor resources. Working in real-time, its 'thread-throttling' technology is so effective that independent research has shown server response times and performance can improve by 94%.

More Users, Less Cost.
While administrators want to increase server scalability and boost capacity, they also want to cut costs by maximizing the number of users on each server. But the majority of applications, including familiar office productivity software, have simply not been optimized for server-based computing environments.

By dynamically analyzing and optimizing each application, the AppSense Performance Suite makes the most efficient use of the system resources, increasing server capacity by 40%, enabling you to consolidate your existing server resources or use fewer servers in your planned rollouts.

More Security, Less Risk
Since ordinary users are often tempted to bring personal applications into the company and download  games, shareware application or animation – the very types of application which consume valuable resources and compromise server builds - you need to know which applications are being used. If an  administrator is not aware of which applications are being installed, malicious users are able to run hacking tools and unsuspecting users may execute viruses received via e-mail, which then have a free reign to infect your systems.

The AppSense Performance Suite comprehensively secures the server-based environment so that unauthorized applications are kept out. Even when users try renaming executable files to look like innocent text documents, they will still be identified and blocked 100% of the time.

More Control, Less Administration
At the heart of the AppSense Performance Suite is the ease of use and control which administrators truly appreciate. Everything in the AppSense Performance Suite can be centrally configured using customizable and industry-standard Microsoft Management Consoles (MMCs).

The deployment architecture ensures you can reach every part of the enterprise and even takes into consideration remote sites and mobile users. This means that the components of the Performance Suite can be precisely distributed to the machines you want, at the exact times you specify – regardless of the size of your organization. Equally importantly, users can stay working throughout any configuration changes because new settings are applied dynamically. An integrated Auditing framework can record important security and performance events in industry standard formats, such as system event log, e-mail and SNMP, as well as offering a facility to archive copies of unauthorized applications.

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